Domus Galilaeae or House of Galilee is located large conference and seminars complex center in the northern to Capernaum and Tabgah biblical places in the area of ancient Galilee of Gentiles.

The Domus Galilee have the best panoramic view to the Sea of Galilee and the visit is free of charge.

It is a meeting place used by christians to seminars, conferences and to incentive the dialogue inter denominational of christians ramifications, between roman catholics, orthodox greek church and protestants ramifications.

The Domus Galilee is run by the Catholic organisation Neocatechumenal Way, Domus Galilaeae that employs about 150 persons in full-time job, including laborers, technicians, and volunteers from all nations the world. There are 37 Arab Christian workers, 32 Arab Muslims, 21 Jewish technicians, 20 Druzes, and 10 Maronites according with Domus Galilee Website.

The Pope John Paul II visit this place his pilgrimage to Israel in 2000 and run the largest missa in the Holy Land in his visit.