Israel might be the Jewish homeland, but the Christian faith has remained tied to the Holy Land for over 2000 years, thanks to the tales of a certain Jesus of Nazareth. Whatever your faith, there are some awe-inspiring, must-see Christian sites in Israel and they are all well worth checking out. Here’s our guide to the must-see sites to visit.

We’ve condensed the list down to the following sites. You might not have time to see them all, but hey, make that a reason to come and visit the Holy Land again! 🙂

  • Jerusalem, the must-see Holy City including the mind-blowing sights and sounds of the Old City.
  • Qasr el Yahudthe site where John the Baptist baptized Jesus, deep in the desert.
  • Nazareth, the childhood home of Jesus, and today home to the largest Christian church in the Middle East and other great sites.
  • The Jesus Trail, the recently created hiking trail that follows in Jesus’ footsteps in the Galilee, running from Nazareth to Capernaum.
  • Capernaum, “The town of Jesus”, where several churches and a museum celebrate the life and teachings of Jesus.
  • Mount of Beatitudes, the home to The Sermon on the Mount, and a tranquil oasis overlooking the Sea of Galilee.
  • Tabgha, the legendary site of the feeding of the five thousand (with five loaves and two fish), celebrated today by the Church of the Multiplication.
  • St. George’s Monastery, the stunning cliff-hugging monastery (one of the world’s oldest) in the heart of the Judean desert.
  • Bethsaida, home to the three Apostles, Peter, Andrew and Philip, and a number of miraclesby Jesus.
  • Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus of Nazareth and perhaps the ultimate destination during the holidays of Easter and Christmas.