Timna is the amazing place of ancient Solomon and David mines described in the Bible can be visited today and transport you to the glorious times of United Kingdom of Israel.

After more than five decades of disbelief on the part of archaeologists, finally, the conclusion is frightening, revealing amazing facts that confirm the biblical descriptions.

For more than 80 years ago, Nelson Glueck, a rabbi, scholar and American archaeologist had already determined that these would be Solomon's mines in the Eilot region as described in the biblical text.


Dr. Ben Yosef, an archaeologist, researcher and responsible for the most recent research was the bottom, digging and sending carbon samples for analysis 14, the results belied the findings and previous information released by the archaeologist professor Beno Rothenberg. Professor Beno Rothenberg reached the wrong conclusion that the place belonged to the New Kingdom of Egypt in the fourteenth century BC because of the images recorded on the rock in the park area, but no serious investigation had been carried out because the carbon analysis technology 14 yet existed.

Dr. Ben Yosef conducted a large number of analyzes and tests 14 carbon artifacts in many different dates and between seeds and olive pits which have been found in the excavations and the result is simply unprecedented in all locations studied, the most absolute activities of the mines were made during the late ninth century and by the end of the tenth century BC, ie exactly the United Kingdom for the period of Israel.

What makes the discovery even more impressive is photo of the temples found in the sites are probably the source of the Edomites, that is, the line of Edom, the people of Israel kinships and were under the rule of David and Solomon exactly as the scriptures describe.

The large number of mines there still more reinforce the biblical account, after all, many of the temple utensils and even the lining of the walls were made with this material.

This wonderful discovery came to light after a search in the not too distant mines of the Jordanian side had already revealed that the mines in the region in Jordan also belonged to the IX and X century BC.

The error occurred by archaeologist professor Beno Rothenberg was given by two facts, first, the lack of the latest technology at the time, the second fact is that after completion, one of the major archaeological sites in the park was practically intact, the call hill of slaves, where according to the archaeologist, the slaves were confined.

Again, the atheistic and retailer archaeological school at the University of Tel Aviv sees crumble before your eyes over one of their myths, showing that the greatness of David's kingdom and his son Solomon really were true power just as the Holy Scriptures.

In the past, according to archaeologists who have worked there in the first half of the twentieth century, the Egyptians discovered copper ore in the fifth millennium BC, in the Neolithic period, when he was the first world center of copper production at Timna Valley. During the 14th century BC, the Egyptians established a trade route through the Valley of Timna and the surrounding areas where you heard about the area rich in copper. At the same time, the Midianites the north of the Arabian Peninsula and the Amalekites began mining alongside the Egyptians. The mines of Egyptian control declined in the 12th century BC, but the Midianites continued to explore the site. The Egyptian advanced culture has left thousands of ceremonial artifacts and even a temple to God Hathor.


According to the latest archaeological research, the above conclusion was denied because the evaluation of local evidence indicates that these mines belonged to the United Kingdom of Israel.

Our staff are pleased to announce first-hand the results of the most recent research also shed more light on the already illuminated the Scriptures.

The region of Timna Valley is one of the most amazing sites in Israel.

We believe that more and more archaeological discoveries confirm the truth of the scriptures and demoralization nonbelievers that attack the Biblical Scriptures and the believers.